Deer Lakes

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Game Day Meals

Game Day Meals is a program geared towards the health and wellness of both students and staff. Every Friday, Pittsburgh Regional Food Service Directors (PRFSD) School Districts from across the region will offer one meal option for either breakfast, lunch or both that exemplifies performance-based dining.                                                                    

*Kicked off Friday, October 4, 2019

This program is designed specifically for peak performance both in the classroom, as well as on the field, in the pool, in the gym or at rehearsal.

Program Overview

  • Optimal blend of carbohydrates and protein for peak performance
  • Athletic Directors, Administrators and Music Teachers Get on Board!
  • Integration of healthiest day of the week
  • Students and Staff feel great after eating a Game Day Meal!
  • Opportunity to pilot largest organized feeding day in PA


  • All grains must be whole-grain rich.
  • Must offer at least one item containing one gram of Meat/ Meat Alternate (M/MA)
  • Whole Fruit must be available.
  • Cannot utilize cereals deemed to be sugar-forward for GameDay Breakfast
  • Cannot use: Breakfast Pizza, Flavored Muffin, Brownie or Cinnamon Roll


  • All grains must be whole grain rich
  • Whole fruit and raw fresh vegetables must be offered
  • A Starch cannot be the vegetable used for the meal.
  • Cheese cannot count as all of M/MA for the meal
  • No: Pizza, Ground Chicken, Corn Dogs, Grilled Cheese (cheese only) , Max Sticks, Mac and Cheese (cheese only) or Hot Dogs