Attendance - Things to Know

ABSENCE = non-attendance in school, non-attendance in an individual class, or a combination of both including tardiness and early dismissals.

LAWFUL ABSENCE = the absence of a student for:

Verified Illness - When providing an excuse for illness two methods of explanation are acceptable. The first is a parental note specifying the nature of the illness i.e. headache, upset stomach, cramps, etc.) The second is an excuse from a member of the healing arts (i.e. physician, dentist, orthodontist, specialist, etc.) Any excuse after 10 parental notes requires a medical excuse form the appropriate doctor. Any parental excuses after 10 will be labeled an "unlawful" absence. These excuses must be submitted within three days upon return to school. Any excuses received after the third day will be labeled an "unlawful" absence.

UNLAWFUL ABSENCE = all other reasons for absence will be classified as unlawful.

TARDINESS = not being in one's assigned location by the time the bell to begin class has rung.

TRUANCY = being absent from a class or classes without permission or authorization. Being absent from the building during some or all of the school day without permission from an authorized school official.

SCHOOL DAY = four or more class periods. One of the primary prerequisites to a successful school year is regular attendance at school. Students who have been absent from school must bring in an excuse as required by state law within three (3) days of their returning to school. The excuse must contain the following information:

  1. Date of absence(s)
  2. Reason for absence
  3. Parent/Guardian signature

If a student does not provide an excuse within three (3) days of their return, the absence is considered unlawful. When a student acquires three (3) unlawful absences, the school district is required by law to serve notice on the parent(s)/guardian(s) and depending upon age, the student. The NEXT unlawful absence will result in charges being brought before the District Magistrate.

Any excuse after ten (10) "parental" excuses requires a medical excuse from the appropriate doctor. Any "parental" excuse received after ten (10), will be unlawful. (This same criteria is applied to being tardy to school. Detention, In-School Suspension and Saturday detention suspensions will result in repeated unlawful tardies to school.)

A student, who has ten (10) or more days of unlawful absence for a semester or twenty (20) or more days of unlawful absences in a school year, may be ineligible for credit in any course being taken. In addition such numbers of absences may make a student ineligible for promotion or graduation.

A student, parent, or guardian may request a waiver of these attendance provisions by informing the building's administration. The case shall then be reviewed by the Promotion Committee to determine if the student's absences or tardiness were legitimate. If the Committee so determines, the student may be granted a waiver. If the Committee denies the students request for a waiver, the Superintendent is the next level of appeal. Final decisions related to attendance appeals are at the discretion of the Deer Lakes Board of School Directors. Principals may upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of mental, physical or other urgent reasons excuse a student for non-attendance during a temporary period.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prohibit a student from attending school on a regular basis, please contact the building's administration.

Vacations must be approved by the building Principal at least five (5) days before leaving.

A total of 5 days of requested vacation is permissible in one school year. Additional vacation days for "special circumstances" will require the approval of the superintendent of schools.

If a student is involved in Extra-Curricular Activities, they must be in school by 8:30 am to participate that day. Exceptions to this include:

  1. The absence is due to a doctor's appointment
  2. Court appearance
  3. Funeral of immediate family member
  4. Religious excuse from their pastor, rabbi or priest.

For a full list of Extra-Curricular rules and regulations, please visit the electronic version of the handbook on the Deer Lakes Web Site.