Deer Lakes Board of School Directors

Mrs. Lisa E. Merlo, President
Ms. Clara Salvi, Vice President
Mr. James F. McCaskey
Mrs. Jodi L. Banyas-Galecki
Mr. L. Douglas McCausland
Mr. Michael J. Coletta
Mr. William A. Lupone, Jr.
Mrs. Rebekah M. Stankowski
Mr. Phillip Ziendarski

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Members of the Deer Lakes Board of School Directors seated from left to right Mrs. Rebekah Stankowski, Mr. L. Douglas McCausland, President Mrs. Lisa E. Merlo, Mr. William A. Lupone, Jr. Vice-President Ms. Clara Salvi, Mr. Michael J. Coletta, and Mrs. Jodi L. Banyas-Galecki. Missing from the photo are Mr. Phillip Ziendarski and Mr. James F. McCaskey
Dr. Janell Logue-Belden, Superintendent
Bobbi-Ann Barnes, Assistant Superintendent

CHESWICK, Pa. - The Deer Lakes School Board elected Lisa Merlo as its president and Clara Salvi as vice president at its annual reorganization meeting for 2015. They replace James F. McCaskey and Jodi Banyas-Galecki as president and vice president respectively.

Mr. McCaskey was not in attendance for the vote and fellow board member Douglas McCausland arrived after the votes were taken.

William Lupone Jr. and McCausland were each named representatives to AW Beatty Career Center and Salvi was named legislative chairperson. Also, the board voted 7-0 to retain Sekula as the school district’s solicitor.

The school board also announced that it has changed the date of its regular meetings in 2015. For the past several years, the voting meeting has been held on the third Monday of each month. Going forward they will be held on the third Tuesday of each month. Agenda meetings will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Exceptions are in June, when meetings are on the third and fourth Tuesday, and in July when no meetings are scheduled.

All Deer Lakes school board meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are held in the high school library.