Student Support Services

Lindsay McGaughey
(724) 265-5300 ext 2647

Dr. Rachel Mariano
(724) 265-5300 ext 2643

Student Support is an umbrella term for many types of services we offer to support our students' unique needs. This department is dedicated to ensuring that all students' needs are met in an individually appropriate manner.

Students with a variety of special needs, including learning difficulties, physical challenges, emotional difficulties, as well as gifted students, are served through special education services located in each of the district's schools.

Student support services also include English as a Second Language (ESL) services, homebound student services, homeless student services and students who are homeschooled.

Lindsay McGaughey directs the program and she is surrounded by a team of highly qualified professionals including school psychologist, Dr. Rachel Mariano, social worker, Mr. Todd Schachter, mental health liaison Karen Radick, and secretaries, Mrs. Diana McGregor and Mrs. Lesa Rock.

Direct services are contracted and provided by others with specialized training and expertise. In accordance with the law, the Deer Lakes School District provides, without cost to parents, screenings, evaluations, and appropriate programs and services to all students thought to be exceptional and in need of specially designed instruction. It is through our team and district staff that Deer Lakes' students receive the free appropriate public education designed to meet their unique needs in the least restrictive environment.