Deer Lakes

School District

New College and Career Readiness School Counseling Plan

In an initiative that began last year and will be fully integrated at all four schools this year, school counselors are implementing a new comprehensive Chapter 339 School Counseling Plan that focuses on a number of growth areas including college and career readiness.

The new plan, which has been developed over the past few years by school counselors as well as an advisory council composed of administrators, teachers, parents, community members and even students, is an effort to focus students on their post-Deer Lakes ambitions from their first day of kindergarten through the day they graduate from high school.

Last year, as part of the plan, Curtisville Primary Center held its first ever “Career Day” in which community members spoke to the children about their respective professions. Also, the high school had a few lunch and learn events. This year, all four schools will host similar events for our students and we would welcome anyone willing to participate in any of our college and career readiness events.

This year, students in grades 5-12, and their parents, will have access to the Career Cruising software program, where they can begin to explore careers, make a career portfolio, and conduct college searches among others. Also, all high school sophomores will be required to participate in a job shadowing experience. According to assistant superintendent Bobbi-Ann Barnes, the new plan is designed to enable Deer Lakes students to make informed career decisions. “The district is dedicated to ensuring that every student has meaningful career exploration and career planning opportunities and a viable post-secondary plan by the time they
graduate,” said Barnes.

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