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Spanish National Honor Society Inducts 54

The Deer Lakes High School's Rosalía de Castro Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica recently inducted 54 new members.

Señor Josh Destein, Sponsor of the Society and World Language Teacher, inducted and presided over the ceremony. He was joined by SNHS officers: President Jacob Hines, Vice President Tyler Raub, Secretary Barbara Matthews, and Treasurer James Campbell.

This international society is sponsored by the American Association of the Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese and the purpose is to recognize high achievement in Spanish and to promote continuity and interest in Spanish and Hispanic studies.

Membership is open to those students who have maintained a 3.0 average in all courses and a 3.5 average in their studies of Spanish for at least three years at Deer Lakes. Other criteria for selection into the Society are character, leadership, seriousness of purpose, cooperation, honesty, and service and commitment to others.

The highlights of the evening ceremony were the lighting of candles, Honor Society pledges recited in Spanish by all new inductees, signing the Society register, and the presentation of certificates to the new inductees. The ceremony was followed by a reception for the honorees and their families in the high school cafeteria.

This year’s inductees included:

• Claudia “Victoria” Bellemare
• Katelynn “Rosa” Blair
• Sarah “Clarisa” Bonner
• Julie “Eva” Buchanich
• Cassandra “Clara” Buechel
• Benjamin “Benito” Butler
• Megan “Teresa” Butler
• Madison “Isabel” Cratty
• David “Pedro” Czoper
• Nicholas “Tito” Davis
• Devin “Miguel” Demase
• Austin “Alberto” Dorman
• Heather “Rosi” Eastley
• Tiffany “Carmen” Feil
• Andrew “Pepe” Francioni
• Eric “Orlando” Franciscus
• Christopher “Chuy” Galbraith
• Alex “Alejandro” Gall
• Alexa “Alita” Grill
• Karns “Sofía I” Hazlett
• Andre “Andrés” Hineman
• Rachel “Raquel” Howenstein
• Daniel “Hugo” Hutchinson
• Hannah “Isabel” Irvine
• Alexis “Clara” Kaszubowski
• Jacob “José” Kelly
• Haley “Elisa” Klingensmith-Pierce
• Alexander “Pepe” Kulczycki
• Samantha “Victoria” Lang
• Jacob “Clemente” McCaskey
• Madison “Mónica” McCully
• Morgan “Isabel” Miller
• Emily “Yolanda” Mischen
• Claire “Margarita” Morrison
• Tyler “Raúl” Noble
• Maggie “Macarena” Nowakowski
• Tyler “Raúl” Osselborn
• Justin “Vito” Probst
• Dylan “Julio” Quairiere
• Benjamin “Benito” Ramsey
• Maria “María” Rossi
• Angelina “Sofía II” Saldamarco
• Marie “María” Schmitzer
• Alexander “Valentín” Sharkins
• Eva “Eva” Sipko
• William “Chuy” Spirnock
• Keirstin “Sabrina” Sufak
• Trevor “Pedro” Sutch
• Gabrielle “Elisa” Vergerio
• Samantha “Mercedes” Vresh
• Ethan “Pepe” Vukelich
• Brittany “Margarita” Walck
• Jennifer “Lucía” Weigand
• Samantha “Clarisa” Woloszyk

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