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Deer Lakes School Board re-elects Lupone, Buck to leadership posts

The Deer Lakes School Board re-elected William A. Lupone, Jr. and Louis W. Buck as its president and vice president respectively at its annual reorganization meeting for 2019.  They each held those posts last year as well.  

The vote was 5-3, with Mrs. Jodi Banyas-Galecki, Mr. Gary W. Torick and Mr. Phillip Ziendarski casting votes for Mr. Torick for both seats.  Mrs. Leanna M. Surina not in attendance for the votes.

Mr. Eric J. Bieniek and Mr. Torick were each named representatives to AW Beatty Career Center and Mrs. Kristi Minnick was named legislative chairperson.  Also, the board voted 8-0 to retain Raymond F. Sekula as the school district’s solicitor.

The school board also announced its complete meeting schedule for the 2019 calendar year, which will remain on the second (agenda meeting) and third (voting meeting) Tuesday of each month unless otherwise indicated.

Exceptions are in July, when no meetings are scheduled and December, which always has just one meeting so the school board can reorganize and make new assignments and responsibilities.  All Deer Lakes school board meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are held in the high school library unless otherwise indicated.

January 8 – Agenda Meeting; January 15 – Voting Meeting
February 12 – Agenda Meeting; February 19 – Voting Meeting
March 12 – Agenda Meeting; March 19 – Voting Meeting
April 9 – Agenda Meeting; April 16 – Voting Meeting
May 14 – Agenda Meeting; May 21 – Voting Meeting
June 11 – Agenda Meeting; June 18 – Voting Meeting
July – No Meeting
August 13 – Agenda Meeting; August 20 – Voting Meeting
September 10 – Agenda Meeting; September 17 – Voting Meeting
October 8 – Agenda Meeting; October 15 – Voting Meeting
November 12 – Agenda Meeting; November 19 – Voting Meeting
December 3 – School Board Reorganization Meeting

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