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About Curtisville

On behalf of the staff and students, welcome to Curtisville Primary Center! 

Curtisville Primary Center includes full-day Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade classrooms. Our staff members work diligently to provide a safe and nurturing environment while creating student-centered opportunities that are developmentally appropriate for our young learners. 

Our instruction is rooted in our district's Profile of a Learner that we have worked collaboratively to develop over the last several years.  This framework includes opportunities for your child to: 

  • Be Creative

  • Work in Collaborative ways with others

  • Communicate with others 

  • Be an Empowered Citizen

  • Practice Wellness physically and mentally

We want their learning opportunities to be authenticpersonalized, competency-basedinclusive & equitable.  

Through ongoing data analysis, we provide student-centered instruction that is aligned to PA Core Standards. We encourage social and emotional growth by providing clear expectations, modeling, and acknowledging positive choices. Each student participates in a rotation of special area classes including, Music, Art, Library, Technology, and Wellness. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.