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Amy Trapani


My name is Amy Trapani.  I am a 4th grade Reading and Language Arts Teacher at
East Union Intermediate School. I have been teaching in the Deer Lakes School District since 2001. Previously, I worked for the Westmoreland IU/ Kiski School District.  I have also worked at Pressley Ridge School and Paula Teachers Association as a TSS working with students and adults who struggle with severe Autism.  I give back to my community by educating others about animal care and welfare and raising funds for various charities.  I have served on the Board of Directors for an animal shelter for 13 years and actively volunteered on a variety of committees for over 17years.  Currently, I volunteer for Kiski Valley Cat and Kitten Rescue and Distinguished Doberman Rescue. I was the adult ambassador for the Student of the Year 2022 campaign for LLS!  Our team, Team Wish raised $106, 817.00 and collected 6,668 pairs of shoes!  I enjoy coaching soccer, volunteering, shopping, and spending time with my family.


End of the Year June --------

Have a safe and healthy summer!

You will have a summer read- Frindle! Look for the information coming home. 

Chromebooks and chargers are to be collected June 2nd and 3rd.

Thank you for being part of our LLS campaign! Student of the Year Campaign raised $830,915.92.   Team Wish raised $106,817.00 We made a difference in many lives!


Homework:   Daily homework is written in the agenda. Please sign your child’s agenda/planner daily. This is also used as a tool for communication. Please note: We do not post our homework papers on our website. Students are provided with a worksheet.  I encourage students to label hw on their paper. 

Special Information:

Please have a chapter book with you at all times
We will use our RWW on Mondays
Anthology books will be used for the rest of the week.
Thursdays we will have our weekly spelling test unless it is a short week- We will test on Fridays.
Fridays we will have our English skill test and Reading test.  
Spelling Lists or packets are provided on Thursday or Friday. You may access your spelling list on Wonders under the 
Unit and Week we are currently on. Most weeks we will have a spelling packet to complete. This is written in the student planner. 
Please refer to the reading and spelling expectations page that was sent home. 

If for some reason you are at home to quarantine, please be sure to contact the school office first, then please alert me, so I can try to prepare your items ahead of your time online.  
Online Expectations:
1. Be prompt
2. Be prepared.  Have all papers in front of you. Have a pencil, highlighter, and paper near you. Don't forget your books!
3. Please use the restroom prior to logging on to class
4. Refrain from making faces, spinning around on chairs, or any other distracting behavior. 
5. Please keep your camera on.  You may shut off your camera if you have to use the restroom. ( you don't need to ask)
6. Please have your work with you on the day of your return. 

Google Classroom Code

407 Time to Log in- 9:15

                                                                                 406 Time to Log in 1:30


Expectations for 4th-grade sentence writing


  • Must have 8 or more words per sentence.

  • Must begin each sentence with a capital letter.

  • Must end each sentence with a proper punctuation mark.

  • Must be a complete thought.

  • Must begin each sentence using a variety of words. Please only use I once. 

  • Must be neat and legible.

  • Must be written on lined paper with the use of proper margins.

  • Must use proper spelling.

Please remember your work is a reflection of how much effort
 you put forth on each assignment.
Week of August 28th
Please check out information for 407 and 408 on our Welcome Back Document  


Amy Trapani
Teacher, Grade 4
Reading/ Language Arts
57 East Union Rd
Cheswick, PA 15024
Phone: 724-265-5330 EXT. 4407
Fax: 724-265-1699

Office Hours:


8:30 am- 3:45pm

Joined Deer Lakes:



Received dual certification in the area of Elementary K-3 and Early Childhood Education K-3 from Gannon University.
Received a Master's degree and certification K-12 in the area of Mental and Physical Disabilities from the University of Pittsburgh.  
Received Teacher's Excellence Award