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My name is Amy Trapani.  I am a 4th grade Reading and Language Arts Teacher at East Union Intermediate School. I have been teaching in the Deer Lakes School District since 2001. Previously, I worked for the Westmoreland IU/ Kiski School District.  I have also worked at Pressley Ridge School and Paula Teachers Association as a TSS working with students and adults who struggle with severe Autism.  I give back to my community by educating others about animal care and welfare.  I have served on the Board of Directors for an animal shelter for 13 years and actively volunteered on a variety of committees for over 17years.  Currently, I  volunteer for Kiski Valley Cat and Kitten Rescue and Distinguished Doberman Rescue.  I enjoy coaching soccer, volunteering, shopping, and spending time with my family.


January 17th WEEK Schedule UPDATE

January UPDATE: 

Hybrid Schedule:
Homeroom 407  Reading begins at 9:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Remote Friday we begin at 9:00
Homeroom 408 Reading begins at 12:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Remote Friday begin at 12:00
Please be online 5 minutes before so you are on time. We do not want you to miss any important information. 
Remote Fridays will be the same schedule as the Full Remote Schedule.

Full Remote Schedule:
Homeroom 407 Reading Begins at 9:00 am every day during Remote Learning Weeks
Homeroom 408 Reading Begins at 12:00 pm

Nov. 22nd Update 

Full Remote


9:00- 407

12:00- 408

Room 408

Math 9:15-10:45

Sci/S.S- 10:45-11:15

Room 407


12:35 --2:05

Sci/ SS 2:05-2:35

Class Codes
Class code

Special Codes Trapani:  BXJZWPS    ZWR23E2    6MKE7EO    3K6PUVE    KJEAVBM
Cochran    AIVPPN3    R2MDJA5    UREKMIM    7Z3ZSRO    KJEAVBM

Nov. 18th- Today we will be a normal WED. Remote learning class.  Yesterday, I prepared a COVID folder for each of my students with a few items to get us through if we were hybrid or remote.  Please be sure to send the folder back and forth to school each day with your child.  I will be updating this website and Google Classroom you will find our daily work. Please be sure to follow through on the assigned work. Thank you in advance. 


Mrs. Trapani 407 

Special Schedule  9:55- 10:35

Day 1-Library

Day 2-Gym

Day 3-Art

Day 4- Computer

Day 5-Health

Day 6-Music

Students are to check the following information on a daily basis
1. Check Email
2. Check google stream and classwork
3. Be sure you are making a calendar of things that are coming due.  Your student agenda will be a great resource for you. 
4. Always check this teacher page for information on a weekly basis.  The updates usually are posted by Friday for the next week. 
5. Please contact the tech help desk if you have need of a password or if your chromebook is not working properly. 
6. During instruction, all students need to have mics muted and faces showing so I know you are present. Also, we are in the classroom so we are functioning as we are in regular school.  We are expecting that you will be here with us at your scheduled times for live learning.  


Amy Trapani
Teacher, Grade 4
Reading/ Language Arts
57 East Union Rd
Cheswick, PA 15024
Phone: 724-265-5330 EXT. 4407
Fax: 724-265-1699

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
7:05 am- 2:50pm
10:00 am - 5:45pm

Joined Deer Lakes:



Received dual certification in the area of Elementary K-3 and Early Childhood Education K-3 from Gannon University.
Received a Master's degree and certification K-12 in the area of Mental and Physical Disabilities from the University of Pittsburgh.  
Received Teacher's Excellence Award