Deer Lakes

School District

Schedule Changes

Initial Schedule

Before the end of the school year, students will receive a course selection request for the upcoming year. Changes may be made until August 15th by returning the course selection request to the Guidance Office. Once the school year begins, no schedule changes will be made without administrative approval.

Full-Year Courses

After school starts, course changes for year-long courses will only be made at the end of the first and second marking periods for students experiencing academic difficulty and with administrative approval.  

Because of these deadlines, it is very important that schedules be examined closely by the student and parent so changes are not necessary. Scheduling of a course is a commitment for the entire school year! Please make your course selections carefully.

Course Withdrawal

Students must drop a course at the required time of 9-weeks for a year long course and 4-1/2 weeks for a semester course.  All course withdraws must have administrative approval.  

The Deer Lakes High School’s Guidance Department reserves the right to change students’ schedules based on aptitude and for the purpose of individual student achievement.  The Guidance office will make students aware of the situation as changes are made; be assured this will only be done with the student’s best interest in mind.  The goal of the Guidance Department is for every child to achieve academically and develop intellectually to his/her fullest ability.