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Course Level System

Course Level System

The courses listed in this book have been assigned a value so that the level of difficulty of a given course can be clearly understood by students and parents.

Level 1: Courses emphasize fundamental concepts, basic writing and vocabulary, and practice of necessary skills and tasks. 

Level 2: Honors Level Courses emphasize the development of complex concepts, expanded writing and vocabulary, and the introduction of more involved tasks and skills. These courses have additional rigor and students should expect more individual assignments and the need for self-directed learning.

Level 3: Advanced Placement Courses emphasize the development and utilization of complex skills, intricate concepts, advanced writing and vocabulary, and higher order cognitive tasks. These courses are extremely rigorous and are taught at the collegiate level. The time commitment of these courses is as least double that of an honors level course.

NOTE: The Administration will attempt to include every course in the schedule that is listed in this book. However, if the demand for a course exceeds available space or if the demand is too limited, students may be asked to make an alternate choice.