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Courses List

Course Planning Checklist

You will find this worksheet helpful in planning your high school program. Courses listed by name are required for graduation. Elective courses should be selected with your career goal in mind. The total number of credits required for graduation is 24.

Courses List:

English Application A  US History Biology
English 9  Pre-AP US History Honors Biology
Pre-AP English 9  Modern US Global Conflicts AP Biology
English Application B  Anthropology Chemistry
English 10  World Cultures Honors Chemistry
Pre-AP English 10  US Government AP Chemistry 
English 11  US Economics Physics 
Honors English 11  Introduction to Psychology AP Physics 1
AP English Language & Composition  Introduction to Sociology AP Physics 2
English 12  Current Events Honors Anatomy & Physiology 
Honors English 12  AP World History: Modern (1200-Present) Biological Forensics
Discovery English  AP US Government Chemical Forensics 
AP English Literature & Composition  AP Psychology  
Public Speaking  AP US History  
Creative Writing  Personal Finance  
Literature, Pop Culture, and the Mass Media    
Algebra 1A Spanish 1 Evolution of Games & Game Design 
Algebra 1B Spanish 2 3D Modeling 1
Algebra 1 Spanish 3 3D Modeling 2
Algebra 2 Spanish 4 Gamemaker Programming 1 
Honors Algebra 2 AP Spanish 5 Gamemaker Programming 2
Geometry French 1 Sports Entertainment Marketing
Optional (CIS Program) 
Honors Geometry French 2 Spreadsheets 
Integrated Math 2 French 3  Database
Honors Pre-Calculus French 4  Computer-Based Multi-Media
Statistics French 5 (CIS Program) Accounting 1 
AP Calculus AB   Accounting 2
AP Calculus BC   Advanced Web Page Design 
AP Statistics   Pathways
Personal Finance   Personal Finance
  Introduction to Computer Programming (CMU Course Design)
    AP Programming
  AP Computer Science Principles
Drawing Advertising Design
Advanced Drawing Automotive Collision Technology
Painting Automotive Technology
Advanced Painting Carpentry/Building Construction
Pottery Computer System, Networking Engineering, & Cyber Security
Advanced Pottery Cosmetology 
Sculpture Culinary Arts
Advanced Sculpture Dental Careers
Art Senior Seminar Early Childhood Education
Musical Theater 1 Robotics Engineering Technology
Musical Theater 2 Emergency Response Technology 
Band Health & Nursing Sciences
Strings Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
Concert Choir Pharmacy Operations
History of Rock & Roll Sports Medicine: Rehab Therapy & Exercise Science Technology
Fundamentals of Guitar Surgical Sciences
Musical Theory & Composition Veterinary Science Technology
  Pastry Arts/Commercial Baking