Deer Lakes

School District

Image Usage

Our students, educational programs, school events, and community-oriented activities are sometimes made the subject of recording by video, audio, photography, and the like for use as instructional and informational tools. Since the schools are public buildings, students are frequently the subject of video and audio recording, interviewing, and/or photographing. In addition, our students’ work is sometimes published in print and/or the electronic media. The district will allow students to be recorded, interviewed, and/or photographed and students’ work to be published for legitimate public purposes.

 Students who participate in athletics or any of our arts pursuits are commonly photographed.
Throughout the school year, your son or daughter may be recorded, interviewed, and/or photographed by representatives from newspapers, television stations, and radio stations, as well as district communications office personnel or their designees and these items may be publicly displayed. Students and their work and photographs may also appear in print media and/or electronically on places such as public websites, social media, and through broadcasts.

If you object to such publication, you must file a written objection with the district's central administrative offices. The district will not deliberately include your child in any outgoing promotional efforts if you have filed a written objection. The district will also make a reasonable effort to avoid publication by any third party. However, is understood that the district certainly has no control over the news media or other vendors outside of the school organization. Student participation in school activities, especially athletics and other competitive events, increases the likelihood of publication of stories and images of those students.

 If you would like the district to refrain from publishing any photos of your child, please contact your school's office early in the school year as possible to avoid any misunderstandings.
Please address written objections to your child's school principal. If you have filed a written objection in the past, you still must file a new letter of objection at the start of each new school year. All written objections must be filed with the district’s communications office by no later than the first day of school. Should you not file a written objection, your silence will serve as implied consent.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure, please contact the school district communications office at 724.265.5300 Ext. 2131.