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My name is Kevin Cochran and I am a math, social studies, and science 4th grade elementary teacher.  I have taught at Deer Lakes since the year 2000.  I am also a proud 1994 graduate from the Deer Lakes School District.  Our school and past teachers gave me a great start to begin my professional journey.  
My education philosophy is that I want to prepare my students for the real world challenges of the future.  I want them to have fun while we are learning and make memorable experiences.  I want my students to learn content information but also learn student skills that will help them this year and years into the future.  I chose to do this for a living because I care about kids and I want to help them reach their goals.  
A few personal items about me would be that I have two step-children named Caitlin and Dylan.  Both of them mean the world to me and I am very proud of them.  I enjoy the outdoors and watching or playing sports.     


My standards-based grading system will be made up of projects, labs, and tests.  Every night assignments will be written by the student in their assignment book or found on my Google Classroom.  There will be at least two days of notice before every test and most of the time there will be about a week's notice.  I believe in giving homework that reinforces the learning and prepares the students for future tests. Some of the homework will be studying homework, there will never be busywork.  I know family time at home is important at night and on the weekends. 

 Google Classroom Codes:

 408 Mr. Cochran: z6tizqw

 407 Mrs. Trapani: ovl3mtn

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Once you are in your homeroom, you will find a link in the stream for your live session.  Check your Google Classroom daily to find updates.  You will also find information on this webpage from your teacher. 

Happy Learning,

Mr. Cochran

12-1-20 to 12-4-20  
This week Deer Lakes is doing remote learning from home.  Mr. Cochran will meet will (Room 408) from 9:15- 11:15 every day.  We will do math from 9:15- 10:45, then do science and social studies from 10:45- 11:15.  
Mr. Cochran will meet will (Room 407) from 12:35- 2:35 every day.  We will do science and social studies from 12:35- 1:05, then do math from 1:05- 2:35.  
Students will be on and off these live meeting sessions throughout the two hours.  Please check your child's Chromebook to look at  (Mr. Cochran's Google Classroom) each morning at 9:00 to see what we are learning for that day.     
Math=  Students will learn about  
HW=                        Test=   
Science=  Students will learn about                                   
HW=                        Test=               
Social Studies=  Student will learn about                                  
HW=                        Test=       


Kevin Cochran
Teacher, Grade 4
Math, Social Studies, Science   
57 East Union Road 
Cheswick, PA 15024
Phone: (724) 265-5330  Ext. 4408
Fax: (724) 265-1699

Office Hours:

Office hours will be from 7:05- 2:50, but there will be many days I stay later.  A phone call would be a good way to get ahold of me from 7:45- 8:30 and from 2:30- 2:50 or later. 

Joined Deer Lakes:

The year 2000 is when I started working at Deer Lakes.


I graduated from High School here at the Deer Lakes School District.
I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Slippery Rock University.
I have earned a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Gannon University. 
I am certified by the state of Pennsylvania to teach grades K-6.