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Visual & Performing Arts


In all art classes, a $10.00 nine-week lab fee must be paid before the end of each nine-week period. This lab fee will cover the costs of consumable materials used with the balance, if any, due prior to the end of the fourth nine-week period.  Students are responsible for cost of materials for projects outside of stated course curriculum.


 Grade 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1 Course # 2421
Students will build a vocabulary of drawing techniques using graphite, charcoal, and pen and ink.  Basics and importance of sketching and planning will be emphasized.  Value studies, perspective and still life representation.  

Advanced Drawing

 Grades 9-12.50 CreditsLevel 1 Course # 2422
Students will focus on more intricate compositions, experimental drawing techniques and developing a personal drawing style.  Charcoal, graphite, pastels and ink will be investigated. The completion of Drawing 1 is a prerequisite for the course.


 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1 Course # 2423
An in-depth study of color and theory and color mixing will take students into learning the basics of representing ideas and objects in paint.  Students will gain a core understanding of acrylic and watercolor techniques.  

Advanced Painting

 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1 Course # 2424
Students will use the color theory learned in Painting 1 and continue learning several paint application techniques. Water color, impasto, brushless painting and palette painting. Experimental techniques and the study of contemporary artists will be introduced. Practice, artistic risk taking and developing personal style will be emphasized. The completion of Painting 1 is necessary to schedule this course.


 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1 Course # 2425
Students will be introduced to pottery techniques used for making bowls, cups, vases and plates.  The concept of practice is essential to mastering pottery and will be emphasized in this course.  Studio clay maintenance is an integral part of the course.  Basic glazing techniques will be learned to finish pieces.  

Advanced Pottery

 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1  Course # 2426
Students will build upon skills attained in the Pottery 1 course by learning how to utilize the pottery wheel,  increasing technical skills, and creating more intricate forms: teapots, sectional vases, and sets. The concept of studio practice and artistic risk taking will be emphasized. Studio maintenance and building personal studio habits are integral to the course. Higher level glaze applications will be covered. The completion of Pottery 1 or is necessary to schedule this course.


 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1  Course # 2427
Students will be introduced to subtractive and additive sculpture techniques through various media- clay, plaster, cardboard and found objects.  Students will cover material and tool safety and techniques.  

Advanced Sculpture

 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1 Course # 2428
Student projects will focus on more conceptual art, bringing ideas and content to the materials of clay, plaster, and mixed media. Projects will be centered on contemporary artists and subject matter. The completion of Sculpture 1 is necessary to schedule this course.

Art Senior Seminar

 Grades 12 1.00 Credit  Level 1  Course # 2441
This final year long art course will be the culmination of taking several semester courses. Student projects will be theme/topic/artist driven, allowing the students to investigate the materials and techniques, expressing their ideas through chosen media. Emphasis will be placed on developing a personal voice artistically through projects, writing, and critiques. A study of historical and contemporary artists will parallel projects. Senior students must have completed a minimum of two level 1 art classes and two level 2 art classes to schedule this class.

Musical Theater 1

 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1  Course # 2170
An introduction to the art of musical theater. Students will develop skills in basic acting, improvisation, voice, stagecraft, audition technique as well as other areas.  Resources will be drawn from various musicals including group songs and scenes.  Informal performances occur periodically throughout the semester.

Musical Theater 2

 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1  Course # 2171
A continuation of the study of musical theater. This course is for students who have successfully completed musical theater 1, or who have theater experience and the recommendation of the teacher. Students will build upon skills introduced in musical theater 1 and will also develop their own individual portfolio of appropriate songs and monologues.  Performances will occur throughout the semester, including a spring cabaret.


 Grades 9-12 1.00 Credits Level 1  Course # 2110
Class meets five times per week. Students will be taught proper instrumental and ensemble techniques. Emphasis is placed on the development of musicianship through progressive technical studies, the development of tone quality, phrasing, articulation, all major and minor scales, rhythmic patterns, meters, trills, and embellishments, and music reading skills. Emphasis is on age-appropriate musicianship/aesthetic response including rehearsal and concert etiquette, and responsibilities associated with membership in a performing organization. The repertoire for marching band and concert band will consist of traditional and contemporary literature, including transcriptions, marches, and show music. The students will rehearse a large variety of music and prepare selected pieces for performance, adjudication, and competition. 

EXPECTATIONS: Extra rehearsals and performances are a vital and integral part of this course and are part of the course requirements and grading policy. 


 Grades 9-12 1.00 Credit Level 1  Course # 2120
Strings class meets every school day in the Band Room.  Students will continue developing advanced instrumental technique, improved musicianship and ensemble skills through the rehearsal and performance of a variety of string orchestra literature.  Attendance at all concerts is mandatory for this class.  In addition to our two major concerts, many other performance opportunities are available throughout the year.

Concert Choir

 Grades 9-12 1.00 Credit Level 1  Course # 2130
Non-auditioned choral ensemble for students in grades 9-12. No experience is required, although the students should possess a love of singing and of music making. The choir will sing music written for soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts. Students are expected to participate in performances outside of school.

History of Rock & Roll

 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1  Course # 2140
This class will discuss the impact that rock and roll has had on the world.  During the course, students will learn about the evolution of the rock and roll sound, the influences of rock pioneers on today's musicians, as well as the lasting impact that rock and roll has made on society.  Daily activities will include listening to, and watching performances by various musicians, as well as learning the history behind some of the greatest musicians, bands, and songs of all time.  

Fundamentals of Guitar

 Grades 9-12 .50 Credits Level 1  Course # 2141
This elective course is designed for any student interested in learning how to play the acoustic guitar.  Beginners and experienced players are both welcome.  Class will be held every day throughout the semester.  Students will learn basic music-reading skills, fundamental guitar technique, chord progressions, and melodies.  A variety of musical genres will be explored. Solo performance as well as ensemble playing will be emphasized.

Music Theory & Composition

 Grades 9-12 1.00 Credit Level 1  Course # 2142
Students enrolled in this course will study basic theory, consisting of key signatures, major and minor scales, chords and chord progressions, ear training, sight singing, intervals plus chords and chord progressions.  This course consists of mostly music, listening, and writing skills leading to simple arrangements and compositions.  Homework and practice of skills will be expected.