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Zulama Gaming Curriculum


Student Engagement - Project-based Learning - 21st Century Skills - Competition in the Global Workforce. Combine all of these elements together and what do you get? Meet Zulama.

Created by educators at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, the Zulama gaming curriculum provides a high-interest, engaging program that promotes the 21st century skills students need to compete and succeed in our digital world: collaboration, critical thinking, oral and written communication, creative expression, and career and college preparedness. This dynamic curriculum offers both long and short courses that integrate content from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), so students gain both technical skills and the creativity they need to thrive in today’s global digital workplace.

With interactive content that is project-based and correlated to Common Core Standards, the Zulama curriculum, which is currently being implemented in nearly 50 school districts throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, is concentrated on topics such as the evolution of games, game design and programming, 3D modeling, mobile game design, and screenwriting, among others.