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Deer Lakes welcomes new ESL teacher
mrs. sue
Please join us in welcoming Deer Lakes School District’s newest teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Sue!

Mrs. Sue is the District’s new ESL teacher. She attended Olean High School and completed her BA at the University of Rochester in Classics with minors in History and Spanish. She also earned two master's degrees from SUNY Buffalo: one in TESOL, the other in Elementary Education.  

Mrs. Sue has taught for 18 years, most previously as a sixth-grade math teacher at another district.

“I love teaching because young people inspire me,” Mrs. Sue said. “Teaching ESL allows me to help others master a needed skill. It's an amazing experience to watch others gain language proficiency.”

She was inspired to teach by a professor who encouraged her to apply for a summer program to teach gifted students. That same summer, she studied abroad and taught children in Mexico.

Her journey in education has led her to Deer Lakes.

“I'm excited to join Deer Lakes because of the kindness that I see in all of the schools - both from the staff and the students,” Mrs. Sue said. “They are so wonderful to work with.”

Welcome to Deer Lakes! #DLProud