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"Beehive: School Edition" finds its groove

Members of the Baby Boomer generation and fans of great classic rock and soul music were recently taken back to the 1960s as the Deer Lakes Drama Department recently performed “Beehive: School Edition,” a 90-minute musical about arguably the most important decade of the 20th century through a musical prism.

Some of the songs featured in the show included “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” sung by the Shirelles and written by the great Carole King; “It’s My Party,” made famous by Leslie Gore; “Son of a Preacher Man,” which rose to notoriety thanks to Dusty Springfield; and “Me and Bobby McGee,” sung originally by Janis Joplin.  The show also featured nice homages to legends, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.

According to Matthew Derby, who co-directed the show with Dr. Jennifer Mann, the drama department choose “Beehive” as a way of showcasing the depth of talent currently in the music program.  “This show has a lot of songs in it and we are fortunate right now to have a number of young ladies who are talented and hard-working enough to pull it off,” he said.  “It’s just a really fun show full of singing and dancing and everyone had a chance to contribute in some way.” 

Jacob Kozlowski served as the student director of the show and played the Dick Clark-like emcee character, introducing a number of the songs performed.  

Alyson Frank was the show’s student choreographer and helped organize the dancing portion of the two-act show.  She also sang, “I’ll Never Change Him.”  Frank said she had to do some research into what dance moves were popular in the 1960s, including The Pony, The Jerk and The Monkey amongst others.

The Deer Lakes Drama Department will also perform the Broadway classic, “Cats,” April 17-19, 2020 in the Deer Lakes High School Auditorium.  The $10 tickets to that show can be purchased at the door or in advance online starting in March. 

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