Deer Lakes

School District

School Climate Survey

The purpose of the Climate Survey is to engage staff, parents and students in a conversation about the climate at their school and in the school district at large.  The survey asked participants about their perspectives of school climate:
  • Academic Rigor/Preparation
  • Student Support
  • School Leadership
  • Parent Engagement
  • Safety and Behavior
  • School Operations

The survey was conducted to help assist campus administrators identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for growth, system-wide results in the following report.

  • The survey was open December 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019.
  • Teachers and staff were invited to participate in the survey by way of email notification.  One hundred and twenty-two employees responded.  
  • Parents or guardians of at least one enrolled student were also invited to participate via email.  Forty-four Deer Lakes parents agreed to weigh in.
  • All Deer Lakes School District students were encouraged to complete the survey with 911 agreeing to participate.  They included 324 students at East Union Intermediate Center, 311 students from Deer Lakes Middle School and 315 students from Deer Lakes High School.    
  • All questions were voluntary except demographic information.

This is a census-survey administration.  Therefore, results reflect the views of just those who chose to participate in the survey and do not necessarily represent the views of the non-respondents.

Overview and Detail Reports