Deer Lakes

School District

Performance Standards

Performance Standards

Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Evaluations

The PA School Code, Section 1073.1, requires formal written performance assessments of the District Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. 

The objective performance standards may be based upon the following:  1) achievement of annual measurable objectives established by the school district; 2) achievement on the PSSA and/or Keystone Exams; 3) student growth as measured by PVAAS; 4) attrition or graduation rates; 5) financial management standards; 6) standards of operational excellence; 7) any additional criteria deemed relevant and mutually agreed to by the Board and district superintendent.

Dr. Logue-Belden and Mrs. Barnes’ objective performance standards:

1.     The superintendent and assistant superintendent will expand initiatives such as, but not limited to:  digital literacy; innovations/STEM, curriculum development (science), and professional learning opportunities

2.     Review the 1:1 initiative at the Middle School and expand to the High School

3.     Raise expectations & accountability through observations, evaluations, improvement plans, and professional development to address staff deficiencies

4.     Monitor the 339 career & college readiness for students, expanding opportunities for students.

5.     Research personalized learning and digital convergence for the students and staff of DLSD.