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Students learn about the dangers of tobacco products

Please join us in thanking Adagio Health’s Stephanie Matour for engaging our Middle School students in a discussion about the dangers of using tobacco products.

Stephanie Matour, who is the Allegheny County Youth Services Coordinator for Adagio Health, has also presented at our elementary schools.

“We want to educate the youth on the dangers of vaping, nicotine, and all tobacco products,” she said. “Tobacco remains the number preventable cause of death today, and it leads to so many other issues that someone may not see right now but it will definitely affect you down the line. Nobody is immune to the effects of tobacco.”

Students discussed the risks and effects of using tobacco products throughout the presentation.

“It’s a good feeling to see students engaged and wanting to learn more,” Stephanie Matour said. “It gives me hope that we are continuing to make a positive difference through education.”

The presentation included many examples of how vaping, nicotine, and all tobacco products affect the body.

“We try to break it down with photos and diagrams, and we also have them answer and respond to questions about how these products and nicotine affect you,” Stephanie Matour said. “I really hope that they learn that even if they think it looks cool or if someone says that it tastes good that it really isn’t safe for them.”

Adagio Health also celebrated Red Ribbon Week with students at East Union Intermediate and Curtisville Primary on October 24th. Students in grades K-2 learned about the dangers of tobacco products with the program, "Why Animals Don't Smoke," and the students grades 3-5 had an introductory lesson on the dangers of vaping. #DLProud #DLWellness 

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