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Deer Lakes
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Please note that calls made to any teacher's classroom during normal business hours (M - F; 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.) will be sent directly to their voicemail.
If you have an emergency, please contact the building secretary.


Main Phone: 724.265.5300
Superintendent Dr. Janell Logue-Belden  Ext. 1210
Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Bobbi-Ann Barnes  Ext. 1213
Business Manager/Board Secretary Mrs. Lori Byron  Ext. 1216
Director of Transportation/Buildings & Grounds Mr. Garry Dixson  Ext. 1218
Athletic Director Mr. Charles Bellisario  Ext. 2634
Director of Technology Mr. Daniel Lauletta  Ext. 2656
Director of Special Education Mrs. Lindsay McGaughey  Ext. 2647
School Psychologist Dr. Rachel Mariano  Ext. 2643
Public Relations Mr. James T. Cromie      Ext. 2131
Director of Food Services Mr. Joseph M. Beaman              Ext. 2114


Secretary to the SuperintendentMrs. Virginia C. Ext. 1212
Payroll/Benefits CoordinatorMrs. Janene J. Ext. 1217
PIMS Coordinator and Secretary to the Business Mgr. and Asst. SuperintendentMrs. Monica J. Ext. 1219
Secretary to Food Services and TransportationMrs. Christine A. Ext. 1254
AccountantMr. Michael S. Ext. 1215