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Deer Lakes
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Please note that calls made to any teacher's classroom during normal business hours (M - F; 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.) will be sent directly to their voicemail.
If you have an emergency, please contact the building secretary.


Main Phone: 724.265.5300
Superintendent Dr. Janell Logue-Belden [email protected]  Ext. 1210
Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Bobbi-Ann Barnes [email protected]  Ext. 1213
Business Manager/Board Secretary Mrs. Lori Byron [email protected]  Ext. 1216
Director of Transportation/Buildings & Grounds Mr. Garry Dixson [email protected]  Ext. 1218
Athletic Director Mr. Charles Bellisario [email protected]  Ext. 2634
Director of Technology Mr. Daniel Lauletta [email protected]  Ext. 2656
Director of Special Education Mrs. Lindsay McGaughey [email protected]  Ext. 2647
School Psychologist Dr. Rachel Mariano [email protected]  Ext. 2643
Public Relations Mr. James T. Cromie [email protected]      Ext. 2131
Director of Food Services Mr. Joseph M. Beaman [email protected]              Ext. 2114


Secretary to the SuperintendentMrs. Virginia C. Pompe[email protected] Ext. 1212
Payroll/Benefits CoordinatorMrs. Janene J. Pacek[email protected] Ext. 1217
PIMS Coordinator and Secretary to the Business Mgr. and Asst. SuperintendentMrs. Monica J. Malley[email protected] Ext. 1219
Secretary to Food Services and TransportationMrs. Christine A. Girty[email protected] Ext. 1254
AccountantMr. Michael S. Zourelias[email protected] Ext. 1215