Deer Lakes

School District

Non-Public/Private School Transportation

*W.L. Roenigk, Inc. provides contracted transportation services for non-public and special education students in the Deer Lakes School District.  Their offices can always be reached at 724-226-1141.

All Non-Public School students will follow the same policies the Deer Lakes students follow.  Please read our Transportation Policy under the Policy Tab to the left.  
I need my child dropped off at the babysitter’s on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I need them to be dropped off at home.
This is not permitted.  Your bus stop must be the same five (5) days a week.  If your sitter is not available, please make arrangements to have your child picked up at school.

My son and daughter attend different Private Schools.  I would like my daughter to ride home with my son next Wednesday.
This is not permitted.  All students need to ride their assigned bus every day. This is done for the safety of the students so that we can track all students in the case of an emergency and that they are on the proper vehicle to get to their proper destination.

Will the school district transport my K-12 child to a non-public or private school?  
Yes, if the school is state licensed with non-profit status and is not beyond 10 miles.

What if the school district has a bad weather delay or cancellation?  Bus transportation follows the Deer Lakes School District Schedule.  

What about when the non-public or private school has an early dismissal?  
The school district coordinates calendars with non-public and private schools.  There may be days when transportation is not provided for non-public and private school early dismissals.  Please contact your child’s school with calendar questions.


19 East Union Road
Cheswick, PA 15024
Phone: 724.265.5300 Ext. 1254

Christine A. Girty
Secretary, Transportation
Email: [email protected]

W.L. Roenigk, Contracted Transportation Services
Phone:  724.226.1141 

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.