Deer Lakes

School District


Mathematics Courses

The Math Department utilizes texts which have technology support available.  Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry texts are on-line at  On this website you will find the text as well as the @home tutor online, which will lead students through power point presentations and give students interactive problems where they are redirected as needed. To access the @home tutor, the student will need to obtain the information from his / her math teacher.

Think Through Math is a web-based program designed to cover math content for children in grades 3 through Algebra 1 (according to Common Core and state standards).  Instructions and exercises are delivered via an adaptive tutoring software along with online human tutors.  The program is adaptive in that it continually assesses students’ performance to create and adjust learning paths.  Pathways continue to adapt, based on student performance in each lesson.  The program provides remediation, enrichment, and is an excellent tool to help prepare students for standardized tests.  

Science Courses

Science texts all have online capabilities and each student can be assigned a password to use the online textbook, SciLinks, and other technology items.

Social Studies Courses

Some Social Studies texts have online capabilities and each student is assigned a password to use the online textbook. Students are assigned a password from his / her teacher.

English Courses

Pre-Advanced Placement courses have been added to the 9th and 10th grade course selection in order to accommodate students interested in taking AP English Language & Composition course offered to 11th grade students.  Students who wish to take an AP English course during their junior and/or senior year should elect to take the Pre-AP courses.

Summer Readings are required for all courses. These assignments will be distributed prior to the end of the school and can also be accessed on the school website during the summer.

Independent Study Courses

All Independent Study courses must have board approval in addition to the approval of the instructor and counselor.  If a student is interested in pursuing an Independent Study, he/she must contact the guidance office.  All Independent Study applications must be submitted by the second week of September.

Course Selection Guides