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The Deer Lakes School Counseling Services Department, formerly known as Guidance, offers a variety of support services for our students.

Dedicated counselors work with students, families and staff to assist in the academic planning, college and career development and personal/social growth for each student. Our goal is to provide assistance, encouragement and support for students as they develop and prepare for their future. The resources offered through this site will assist students and their parents in gathering information on topics such as colleges, careers, scholarships, financial aid, and academic assistance.

There is also a quick link to crisis contact numbers in the case of an emergency.
Each Deer Lakes student is assigned a guidance counselor from the day they walk through our doors until they leave. At the high school level, one counselor is assigned to students entering their freshmen and sophomore years, while another counselor helps students entering their junior and senior years.  There are also dedicated school counselors at each of our other three buildings, helping students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Parents may contact counselors for information or to arrange an appointment. Your student's school counselor contact information is listed in the adjacent margin.
To visit the school counseling services page at your student's school, choose from the drop-down menu below. 

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Upcoming Events


Point Park University will be visiting Deer Lakes High School on Monday, November 19 during 8th period. Students can sign up in the Guidance Office during homeroom/lunch. This visit is only for juniors and seniors. Mon Nov 19 2018

U. S. Naval Academy

A Representative from the U. S. Naval Academy will be visiting Deer Lakes HIgh School on Tuesday, November 20 during 8th period. This visit is open to students in 9th through 12th grade. This is a great opportunity to gather information and go over the application process. Students can sign up in the Guidance Office during homeroom and lunch. Tue Nov 20 2018


University of New Haven will be visiting DLHS on Tuesday, November 20 during 2nd period. Junior and seniors can sign up for this visit during homeroom and lunch in the Guidance Office. Tue Nov 20 2018
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Susan Oliver
School Counselor
High School: Grades 11-12
Phone: 724.265.5320 Ext. 2670
Fax: 724.265.5303

Tina Pascucci
School Counselor
High School: Grades 9-10
Phone: 724.265.5320 Ext. 2671 
Fax: 724.265.5303 
Jackie Jaros
School Counselor
Middle School: Grades 6-8
Office phone: 724.265.5310 Ext. 3670
Fax: 724.265.3711 
Amy Sclight
School Counselor
East Union IC: Grades 3-5
Office phone: 724.265.5330 Ext. 4670
Fax: 724.265.1699 
Jennifer Barnes
School Counselor
Cuttisville PC: Grades K-2 
724.265-5330 Ext. 5670
Fax: 724.265.1488 

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday:
8 AM - 4 PM