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Textbooks and Online Resources


This is a dynamic student edition including a complete student journal, video tutorials, and point-of-use learning tools. Contact your teacher for login information.

First in Math (Textbook)
Contact your teacher for login information. 
A 54-page document designed to refresh parents who are looking to support their student in Algebra. It also can be a great resource for students. The document gives a brief synopsis of each section taught in the course.

A collection of math tutorial videos. This great resource has a wide variety and each topic is taught by several different teachers. Some videos are even in Spanish.

Brightstorm Math
A collection of Algebra and Geometry videos. This is a great resource for all.

Khan Academy
A large collection of Math and Science videos. Methods are explained in a detailed manner, making this a great resource for students.

Webmath is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment. The math answers are generated and displayed real-time, at the moment a web user types in their math problem and clicks "solve." In addition to the answers, Webmath also shows the student how to arrive at the answer.
Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond.  

English/Language Arts

Searching for Accelerated Reader books
is fun and easy with this free online tool. You can search for book titles based on authors, topics, or titles of books.

AR Reading Log
A PDF copy of the AR Reading Log used at Deer Lakes.

This website contains an alphabetical listing of grammar topics. Selecting a topic gives the student explanations and examples of the grammar topic.


The NSDL's library for education and research in science, technology, engineering, mathematics funded by the National Science Foundation 
A collection of science videos covering with an emphasis on Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. A great resource for all.

A large collection of Math and Science videos. Methods are explained in a detailed manner, making this a great resource for students.

An online resources for kids with links for Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Earth and much more.

Windows to the Universe
The Windows to the Universe website is a richly interlinked ecosystem for learning about the Earth and Space sciences.

An interactive site that allows you to examine for different kinds of tissue under a microscope.

Periodic Table of Elements
An interactive resource for students. Mouse over an element to see it's name and click on the element for more information .

History/Social Studies

The Library of Congress allows you to meet amazing Americans, jump back in time, explore the states, discover America's pastimes, and watch a movie or play a song.

A collaboratively designed web site that includes an online textbook, primary source documents, timelines, inquiry-based explorations, and much more.

Provides articles, videos, images, and interactives around events, people, themes, and holidays. Choose a topic or use the search function to find the resources you need.

Health and Wellness

Medline Plus
Medline Plus is the National Institute of Health's website produced by the National Library of Medicine. Brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues.


Useful Links:

A great online collection of articles, and tips on how to study best.
An interactive media-on-demand service which includes streaming video, audio and accompanying support materials.
Access to YouTube content for students 

Math Apps for Elementary Students:

Mobile apps can help reinforce elementary skills in mathematics. Click a device below for a list of apps, People with Android devices should go through the Google Play Store to download their chosen apps. People with Apple devices should visit the Apple iTunes Store to download their apps.
For reviews of mobile apps, visit Common Sense Media.

Citing Research:

Automated bibliography maker helps you cite your sources
Automated bibliography maker helps you cite your sources

Encyclopedias/General Reference:

General reference tool that delivers a broad collection of periodical and digital media content, from newspapers and magazines to maps and videos, for researchers of all ages.