Deer Lakes

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School Supplies

It’s that time of year again and everyone wants to know what their son or daughter needs for school. You can never go wrong with the usual necessities. Things such as pencils, notebooks, and folders are always needed for success.Something to keep in mind is the importance of learning good study habits and organizational skills during middle school and knowing what supplies are needed to facilitate that. Learning these skills now will help your son or daughter be more successful in high school and beyond, whether they choose to continue their education, join the work force, or enlist in the armed services.  Asking students to have folders, binders, highlighters, etc. is all in an effort to help foster those skills but it is important to remember that each child is different.

While there are certainly some basic organizational skills that every child needs, ultimately what works well for one student may be different than what works well for another. What is important is that each student discovers what works best for them.