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College Application Procedure

College Application Procedure

Hopefully you have had an opportunity to visit with some colleges/universities over the summer and are starting to narrow down your choices. If you have not had an opportunity to visit schools, you can also check out their websites for information and how to apply.  Most colleges encourage you to apply online, although you can do paper copies if you choose.  Once you have completed your application(s), the High School Counseling Department will need to send your transcript which will include your SAT, ACT, and AP scores as well as your senior schedule or grades (after the 1st 9 weeks). The following procedure is used to complete/mail out your application(s):


·       You need to check out colleges/universities for information & application procedures. This is your responsibility.  All information is available on their websites. Be sure to check for deadlines on early admission.

·       Once, you have completed your application (either online/paper), you need to fill out the linked form below for each school which apply (they are also available hard copy in the High School Counseling Office).  When applying to schools, please check for a counselor form. This will need to be attached.

·       It is your responsibility to get recommendation letters. Please bring these to the Counseling Office to be sent out with your information. Each student has a senior folder in the Counseling Office and a copy of these letters, as well as your acceptance letters are kept in these folders.

·       Once we receive all of your information, we will mail it along with your transcript. We also mail a post card to the admissions office that they return to us with a date/signature verifying that they have received your information.

·       The Counseling Office needs a MINIMUM OF (10) BUSINESS DAYS to process all applications. We cannot guarantee receipt of an application if we only receive it a day before it is due. The same applies to all scholarship applications.

·       During the busy application season, you may get a letter stating that they have not received your required information – these are generic letters that they send out routinely – please be patient for them to process your information.

·       The most exciting part of this procedure is receiving your acceptance letter(s).  Please bring this to the Counseling Office so that we can make a copy for your file & put this exciting news on the announcements. Acceptance letters are often required for scholarship information; having yours on file simplifies the scholarship application process.