Deer Lakes

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Looking for Extra Help in Your Classes?

Here at Deer Lakes High School, there are various options for students to get assistance in their classes. We always encourage students and their parents/guardians to reach out to the teacher first if they are struggling in a specific class. However, we are aware that sometimes students need more support. 
Below are some options that we are aware of. (The Deer Lakes School District does not endorse any of these courses or tutors. This list is provided for informational purposes.)

Our Lady of the Lakes Parish Tutoring Program

Our Lady of the Lakes Church, Transfiguration Campus, located on McKrell Road in Russellton, is offering a tutoring program to all Elementary, Middle and High School students.    Subjects offered are:
Languages:   Spanish & French
Math:  General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry & Calculus
Science:  General Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics
Language Arts:   English & Writing

All teachers are certified & have the Protecting God's Children Certificate.

Cost:   $5.00 per session (assistance available)

Sessions begin October 3, 2022 and are Monday - Thursday, 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

If interested, call 724-265-3284 and leave a message (name, grade level & subject)
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Virtual Tutoring

Anchorpoint After School Tutoring Program

Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry, located at 800 McKnight Park Drive in Pittsburgh, is offering an after school tutoring program for students in grades K-12. Certified teachers and skilled volunteers will provide students with remedial and developmental instruction in Math, Science, Reading, and English. This affordable tutoring is one on one, lasting for 1 schedule hour. Sessions can be scheduled Monday - Thursday between 3:00 and 8:00pm. A sliding scale is used to determine the hourly fee for the service. Contact Sandy Niekum at (412) 366-1300 ext. 123 to register or by email at 

Tutor & Test Prep List.pdf   (The Deer Lakes School District does not endorse any of these courses or tutors. This list is provided for informational purposes.) 

Provides on-line quizzes and information - mostly math, language, geography and sciences.
Video explanations with graphics for math concepts.
Interactive maps for countries and capitals; printable maps:
Grammar and mechanics:
Symbolab Math Solver - If you need help with math problems & want to see your answers step by step, this is your go to!

Google Drive/Docs = You can type up papers on this program for free.  It saves your paper to “the web.”  That way you can start typing your paper on a computer in English class and finish typing it on any other computer or even on your phone.  You need to make a google / g-mail account to use this program. or    
Google Drive lets you store up to 15GB of your stuff for free, access them from anywhere, and collaborate with others.
Easy Bib =  You can use this program to help you make your bibliography cards and works cited page for your research paper.
Shmoop =  You can use this website to get “homework help.”  The main subjects it covers are English, math, and history.  There are funny videos that will help you learn about things like Romeo and Juliet and linear equations.  There are summaries of pretty much any book you would ever read in an English class, and there are practice quizzes that can help you test your knowledge. =  This website in an online dictionary.  It is free. = Wize is a free online learning platform built to help any high school, college or university student succeed  with their academics.  You will find guided video lessons, exam-like practice questions and be able to ask their online tutors your specific questions to get them answered.

Anydo = A great to-do list resource that helps you stay organized and never forget a thing!