Deer Lakes

School District

About East Union


East Union Intermediate Center houses grades three, four, and five. It features music and art areas, a computer lab, health suite, speech and a combination of math, reading, and gifted support that encourages quality education.

To prepare students for today's rapidly changing world, the Deer Lakes Elementary program provides students with a thorough and successful learning experience. The district has developed a progressive curriculum which helps develop students into productive, creative members of society in preparation for a successful future.

In the primary grades, for example, teachers introduce students to personal computers and use a variety of software to enrich classroom instruction. In the intermediate grades, the students learn keyboarding and word-processing; skills so necessary in today's computer oriented society.

Traditional subjects such as reading are taught through an interactive process. Using a literature-based approach, the teachers share a wide assortment of stories with the students and lead them through higher level thinking skills and activities. Curtisville Primary Center has implemented a phonemic awareness approach to teaching reading.

The language arts program teaches higher level thinking skills, reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and writing. A curriculum integration approach is implemented into all content areas such as social studies, math and science, as well as the special area subjects that include music, art, and physical education.

In social studies, students study environments, beginning with their own family and community. This learning experience is then extended to the nation and world. Geography is emphasized in each content area.

The mathematics program, based on standards developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, uses a variety of manipulates and provides students with concrete experience. Students experience the opportunity to become problem solvers in realistic daily situations. The science curriculum immerses students in hands-on activities. Deer Lakes students develop critical thinking and reasoning skills through units in biological, earth and space, physical, and environmental science.
The physical education program emphasizes lifelong skills such as teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship. In music, students express themselves vocally and learn by playing instruments, dancing and listening to songs. Art education teaches creative expression through different media, such as clay, paint, chalk, and watercolors.

In summary, the primary and intermediate programs provide a stimulating, interactive environment for all students through different levels of learning.