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PBIS @ East Union Intermediate Center

We are proud to share that East Union Intermediate Center is a PBIS school!  PBIS is a systematic way of teaching, modeling, and acknowledging students for meeting school behavioral expectations.  All students are able to achieve success and learn the necessary social and emotional skills that will allow them to be successful in and out of school. We have several areas of focus within our PBIS matrix.  The chart below showcases our expectations for these areas. We had lessons taught to each and every classroom on the first day of school about expectations in these areas and how students should conduct themselves.  

The Lancer Way- PBIS Behavior Matrix







  • Walk on the right

  • Walk in a line

  • Leave it better than you found it

  • Hold the door for others

  • Use a Volume 0

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

  • Listen to adults

  • Carry your belongings safely


  • Keep water in the sinks

  • Feet on the floor

  • Hands on the lock- stay away from the top

  • Four in at a time

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Use the garbage cans

  • Use a Volume 1

  • Use polite language

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

  • Respect others’ privacy

  • Listen to the adults

  • Go, Flush, Wash, Dry, Leave


  • Stay at your assigned table

  • Ask permission before leaving the cafe

  • Leave it better than you found it

  • Wait your turn

  • Use Volume 2

  • Use polite language

  • Use good table manners

  • Only touch YOUR food

  • Listen to adults

  • Eat in a timely manner

  • Clean up after yourself


  • Varies by Classrooms

  • Varies by Classrooms

  • Varies by Classrooms

  • Varies by Classrooms

Our “Lancer Way” Expectations-- Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible will continue to be taught and positive behavior will be celebrated. If your child tells you that they received a SHIELD Card then that means they were acknowledged by a staff member for demonstrating these expectations. Once they receive a SHIELD Card they bring that to the front office and go through a few steps to have it hung on our Principal’s 200 Board.  Be sure to take a few minutes and celebrate their good behavior at home with some words of encouragement or a high five!  Feel free to watch our video below which explains the full process. 

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Mrs. VanderSchaaff 

East Union Intermediate Center- Building Principal