Deer Lakes

School District

Drop Off / Pick Up @ EU

How does drop-off and pick-up work

at East Union?

Morning Drop Off: 
  • Students can be dropped off as early as 8:30am on each school day.  
  • Parents should enter from East Union Road into the parking lot and drive down to the dumpster area and make a left onto the playground.  Families will loop around and drop off at the cement pad near the gym doors.  
  • Parents should remain in their vehicles and students will exit the car and walk up the sidewalk to enter the building. 
If your child is arriving later than 9:05am due to an appt, etc.- you will need to bring your child to the front doors of East Union and ring the front door bell.  Our secretary will allow your child to enter and will mark him or her as tardy.  They will be given a pass and sent to the appropriate classroom.  

Afternoon Pick-Up:
  • Families who wish for their child to be picked-up daily need to send a standing note which will be kept on file in the office.  With this note it is expected that daily your child be part of our pick-up line.  If for some reason it would vary on a given day- an additional note is required.  
  • If your child only requires an end of day pick every now and then due to an appt, etc. please just send a note that day with your child.  
  • Afternoon pick-up begins at 3:20pm daily and also occurs in our side parking lot.  
  • Families who have requested to be a part of our regular daily pick-up routine will be given a windshield dismissal tag. Please display this tag in your window DAILY to allow the process to move along smoothly.  
  • If the lines become too long within our small East Union lot- a grouping of cars may be asked by our school resource  to drive to the Middle School parking lot to wait.  
  • Children will be safely loaded into vehicles with staff assistance in the order that they arrive.