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Victoria Casey

My name is Victoria Casey and I am a Chemistry Teacher /Honors 10th and 12th grade at Deer Lakes High School. I also teach chemical forensics. I have taught at Deer Lakes since 1996.  I am excited about teaching a new course Chemistry Forensic science. Prior to Deer Lakes I worked as a Chemistry teacher at Seton-LaSalle High School.

My personal goal for my classroom is to challenge students to become better problem solvers and instill a sense of curiosity for science. My hope is that students become better consumers, stewards of the environment, and decision makers.
I am a active church member and enjoy camping, fishing, and quad riding with family and friends.  

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans: subject to change                  
        Honors Chemistry I period (1,7,9)                 

Grading: Homework (10%) Lab reports (15%) projects(10%)

Class participation (5%) Test/quiz (60%) – given every Friday (retakes will be offered must be completed before the following Friday)

Materials needed:

Notebook/folder or binder Loose-leaf paper Pencil/pen

Scientific Calculator- Must have an exponent button. Calculators may not be shared during exams.

No camera devices are permitted during test-taking.

Absences: Request Homework prior to Sporting events, Field trips, Gate Meeting, Vacations, and Job shadows.

Extra- Credit is not offered to replace work missed

Maintain a notebook or binder for this course. Your notes must be neat. Ideas, demonstrations, videos, and experiments are not always contained in the textbook. Your notebook is your record of what we’ve done!!.

Illness- lawful – The student may make up homework. He/she will be given the same number of days to hand-in homework as they were absent. Lab work must be completed within 3 days of absence. Unlawful absences will result in the removal of any grade given that day. School board rule!

Class participation points are given in this classroom- 10 pts weekly 5% of your grade.

Mrs. Casey is willing to write letters of reference provided you give sufficient notice and a short Summary (resume) of your activities and achievements.

What kind of help is available? Your teacher is willing to give you help in solving problems. You can arrange a time with your teacher.



Victoria Casey
163 East  Union Road
Cheswick , PA 15024
Phone: 724.265.5320 Ext. 2232

Office Hours

Available Weekdays 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Students and Parents can make arrangements for extra help after school. 

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BA in Chemistry Education :University of Pittsburgh /California University of Pennsylvania.
Teacher, Grade 10-12
Honors Chemistry II / Honors chemistry I